It’s that time of the year again – “out with old and in with the new” – and that also includes makeup.

There’s nothing like a fresh start and do what you’ve been putting off for months or even years.

Being a beauty blogger, I am always trying new products and my collection quickly adds up.

I will try an item, like it for a bit and then find another item or sometimes I just don’t like the product /color but think maybe I’ll like it at a later date.

Makeup can be expensive, which makes me think twice about getting rid of it.

However, like everything else in life if you don’t use it or it doesn’t add value then there is no point in keeping it.

Here are some tips that will make this grueling task a lot easier!

Check the Expiry Date

This is the easiest way to identify what needs to go first. Makeup does go bad, and while it might not make you sick, it can certainly cause problems like infections.
Most beauty products will have a PAO (Period After Opening) symbol – a little jar on the back that gives you an indication of its shelf life once opened.

As a general rule:
-          powders will last 2 years
-          creams and liquids up to 1 year
-          lip liners and lipsticks up to two years
-          powder eye products up to two years
-          mascara and liquid liners need to be tossed after 3-4 months

These are just guides – exercise caution and pay attention to any changes in smell, texture and colour. If any of these have changed, then it’s likely the product has gone bad.
A neat hack is to label the item using a sticky label or sharpie with the date in case you forget how long ago it was opened.
Make sure your makeup is kept in a cool and dark place, wash your hands before touching the product directly, don’t share makeup (especially lip or eye products) and wash your makeup tools regularly.

Toss if it isn’t your for your Skin Type or Skin Tone

I know I’ll hold on to that bronzer thinking maybe it won’t be so orange the next time I use it…
When I was getting subscription boxes I would sometimes get lotions for dry skin that wouldn’t work with my oily skin.
We spent too much money on these items and it hurts to part with it.
We often hold onto products in the hope that if we put them away for a while and come back to them later we might like them, but trust me, you won’t.

Toss the Duplicates

Collecting makeup products can be so much fun and we all have our favourite shades, it’s easy to get carried away and before you know it you have several hundred mauve pink lipsticks…
I’ve lost count on the amount of warm nude lipsticks I own…
Gather the duplicates that you haven’t used in a while and maybe keep a few of the ones you know you like.

When was the last time I used this?

When I clean out my collection I often see a product and say “oh, I forgot I had this!”
A lot of the time I haven’t touched the product in months.
Realistically you can toss this item because if you forgot about it you probably still won’t use it.

Would I repurchase this?

If the answer is ‘no’, then it’s highly likely that you probably won’t use this product very much. Keeping products you don’t completely love will just cause clutter and make you lose sight of the gems in your collection.
If it’s not in your rotation and you’re not planning on using it up, then it’s time to get rid of it.

Once you’ve completed your organizing, you can sort out those products into two boxes:
-          one for the bin (expired items/not in a good condition)
-          one to donate
Anything that’s been used can find a better home with friends, family or even a woman’s shelter.

I really hope these tips have gotten you inspired to clear up your makeup collection and help you make some quicker decisions while you’re in the decluttering process.

I know it can be hard, but it will be worth it!

When was the last time you decluttered your makeup? Do you have any tips?

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