Bloggers and YouTubers Beware - Lux Brand Scam

I was recently contacted by a company called Lux Brand offering a partnership.

They claimed to be a high quality website that produces handbags, watches and sunglasses for men and women.

I was excited as I have wanted to branch into other areas such as handbags and accessories.

They would offer my readers / viewers an additional 20% off using a coupon code specific to me and I would receive a set rate of $20 per purchase made through my code.

The only catch they said was that I would need to purchase an item from their website to promote and they would give me 50% off.

It sounded like a great deal and it was my very first actual partnership.

I searched for blog post reviews on the company and the ones I found were good, not overly positive or negative, certainly no red flags.

I browsed through the Lux Brand website and found an adorable pink purse, I purchased it right away.

I was excited to receive my new purse.

When it arrived it was packaged in a grey packaging bag – not a box just a thin packaging bag.
I thought that was strange considering they said they offered high quality items.

When I took the purse out of the bag I was also surprised at how cheap and flimsy the handbag was – not high quality at all, I was sickened that I paid $60 for this piece of junk fabric.

It looks nice but it came with scuff marks and the material just felt gross. As soon as I put any weight inside the bag the inside ripped…

I could not sell this junk to my readers…

I started looking up anything that had Lux Brand in it and came across some YouTube videos, they had the same thing happen to them and they found their items listed on Amazon for a fraction of the price.

I looked up my purse and although it took a few pages, sure enough I found my exact same purse on Amazon for $10 with shipping.

I thought I did my research but obviously I didn’t…

They (Lux Brand) seem to contact bloggers and YouTubers that are new or have lower subscriber levels.

I wanted to share this because I wouldn’t want anyone else to fall for this scam. 

As of this posting, I did contact Lux Brand letting them know of the scuff marks and the ripped liner (provided pics) requesting a refund but have not had a response back. 


as of March 4, Lux Brand apologized and gave me a refund.

Thanks for supporting my blog 💕