DermaBrilliance Review

DermaBrilliance is a device and a set of skincare products that promises to polish away any visible signs of aging. My kit also included their Apple Stem-Cell Cleanser and Jewel Resurfacing Cream that contains micro diamonds and garnets that is said to remove cellular debris, revealing fresh, younger-looking skin underneath.

DermaBrilliance consists of a wand that has 2 heads: a low speed side for cleansing and a high-speed side for resurfacing. It also comes with several head attachments - a deep-cleansing head with long, flexible bristles, two tear-drop shaped soft, flat resurfacing heads and a massage head.

DermaBrilliance also has an automatic timer that shuts off after 2 minutes so you don’t under (or over) cleanse and the device is waterproof and portable so it can be used in the shower and a plug-in base that recharges the wand after every use.
What makes this tool great is instead of a rotating head, the head vibrates which they say mimics the movement of your hand (although a lot faster at 8,000 RPMs) allowing deeper cleaning and penetration of creams. It works at the cellular level to exfoliate dead skin and expose smooth skin underneath.

How to Use DermaBrilliance

- I started by cleansing my face on the low setting with the Apple Stem-Cell Cleanser with the deep-cleansing head (long bristles) moving the device in a circular motion. I would only do this for about a minute as I found two minutes was too long for a cleanser.

- I would pat my face dry and apply dots of the Jewel Resurfacing cream, which is like a face scrub, onto my face. I would use the tear drop shaped resurfacing head on high setting, set the timer and exfoliate for 2 minutes. I did like how the teardrop shape makes it easy to get into all areas of the face like around my nose.

- Rinse my face thoroughly.

- Apply my moisturizer (lately it’s been Sweet Almond Oil), attach the massage head to the device on the high setting, set the timer and move the device in circular motions for 2 minutes.

My Thoughts

My skin did feel softer and looked brighter after using the device.

I like that it is easy to use, rechargeable and that it has the option to set a timer.

The Jewel Resurfacing cream may be too harsh if you have sensitive skin and I found it took forever to rinse off.

No it didn’t completely scrub off my wrinkles but it did help with the texture of my skin, making my skin appear clearer and softer.

I liked the massage head and felt like it did get the circulation going on my face, giving my skin a glow.

Unfortunately there is no Fountain of Youth, so you can’t really scrub away deep wrinkles.

It is a neat tool - exfoliating the skin is always a good way to keep a healthy glow so I will be keeping as a part of my skincare routine.

How much is DermaBrilliance?

DermaBrilliance promises a 100% risk-free trial for just a $14.95 for the first 30 days.
If you like DermaBrilliance, do nothing and your credit card will be billed $59.95 (which includes a $19.95 shipping fee) and then be billed an additional 2 payments of $39.95.

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*This product was provided to me for free for testing purposes
courtesy of  DermaBrilliance

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