Rimmel London Provacolips Review

Rimmel London claims that this product will give you 16 hours of kiss proof color, no tight feeling or dry lips, lips will feel smooth and moisturized all day long and that it is transfer proof, AND foodproof!
Sounds too good to be true right?

Well guess what, IT'S TRUE! Okay, maybe it doesn't last quite 16 hours but I think it’s the longest lasting lip product I have tried.

The product is double-sided, one side containing a liquid lipstick-type product, the other side containing a clear "setting gel".

The ones I tried were:
"Kiss me Fatal" is a deep wine / plum color.

“Kiss me you Fool” is a classic red.

“I’ll call you” which looks like a mauve color in the bottle but applies darker than it looks in the bottle.

To apply, I carefully run the color side over clean dry lips and let it set for about a minute. The color sets fairly matte, but is extremely comfortable.

Then I apply the clear gloss to "set" the product. This gives it a matte finish, and adds some moisture. They call it “Lock in Shine” but the products I tried didn’t make my lips super shiny or glossy – more of a matte look.

The color side doesn’t have a scent (at least I didn’t notice it) but the clear side has a slight, pleasant, sweet scent.

I wore the “Kiss me you Fool” during Christmas dinner, eating turkey, stuffing, potatoes, drinking, licking my lips.
It didn't budge, and it felt comfortable. Not at all drying!

I expected the color to start fading on the inside of the lip but even after eating the color was still intact.

One night I was super tired and went straight to bed and the lip color was still on when I woke up, it looked like I freshly applied it.

The color application is really opaque and I only needed 1 -2 coats for full coverage.

You do need clean dry lips otherwise it becomes grainy and patchy.

I forgot I had a bit of lip balm on and applied “Provacolips” and wondered why it was so patchy…

The colors I’ve tried are stunning. I cannot wait to try more of these!
If you have not yet tried the Provocalips, I would highly, highly recommend you pick one or two or all of the colors up!

You can find “Provacolips” at your local drugstore or mass retailer. 

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