Tips to Applying Winged Liner on Hooded Eyes

Applying the winged eyeliner is definitely a challenge but for those with hooded eyes, eyeliner in general is difficult.

Eyeliner becomes a bit tricky when you can't really see the eyelid- sometimes it can be frustrating to blend eyeshadows and line the eyes and it’s basically hidden whenever the eyes are open.

Instead of being frustrated with our eye shape, we have to embrace what we’ve got and change our approach for applying eye makeup.

Hooded eyes can range from slightly hooded to very hooded.

Hooded eyes can happen for a variety of reasons, like genetics, aging or tiredness.

The trickiest thing is applying eyeliner because, depending on how hooded your eyes are, it can really change the way your face will look – eyeliner will look like you are not wearing any or it can make it seem like you have raccoon eyes.

Here are some tips that have helped me apply a winged liner to my hooded eyes.

Find the Perfect Eyeliner

The first and best thing to do is find the perfect eyeliner.
This is based on personal preference but once you have a product that works best for you, it can speed up your makeup process and have you looking flawless in no time.
When looking for the perfect eyeliner, keep in mind the look you want to achieve and how you will be using it. For example, if you're going to be applying it on your lash line, a pencil may be best.

Focus on the Outer Corner

Sometimes applying liner on the lash line, especially if it’s a thick line can make the lid appear even more hooded.
Using eyeliner or a dark eyeshadow in the outer corner will make eyes look wider and bigger.
It will also help to create the effect of having liner on your eyelid, even though you have only applied it to the corner.

Don’t Apply Liner to Waterline, Apply to Lash Line

I always find applying liner to the waterline always transfers, so again, you’ve done all this work to look like a raccoon…
Instead apply liner to the lash line closest to the upper waterline. This will give the effect of thicker lashes and have the appearance of eyeliner on the eyelid.
It is best to use a waterproof liner as well.
You can also feather an eyeliner pencil through your lashes gently as well to get the same effect.

Use Gel Liner for Wings

Most women use a felt tip liquid liner for wings but I have found Gel Liner works best as it doesn’t transfer or smear.
Although it can take some getting used to, gel will still give you the control you need to make the wing perfect.
Gel will also last just as long as liquid liner, so no worrying about touching up your makeup throughout the day!

Avoid the Lower Lid

Because of the shape of hooded eyes, applying eyeliner to the lower lash line can make eyes appear smaller and more closed and it will bring attention downward, making your eyes look droopy.
Although there is nothing wrong with lining the lower lash line it is best to not spend as much time on that part of your eye makeup.


Sometimes, the best way to learn how to do your makeup is to simply try new things.
It took me several applications and trying different types of eyeliners but now I can easily apply a winged eye that looks great on my hooded eyes.

The worst thing that can happen is you have to start over again.

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