Natural Products that Benefit your Skin

Give your budget a break with a few common, skin-nurturing ingredients found on your kitchen pantry or in your refrigerator.

Your skin will enjoy the benefits of skincare treatments made of high-quality, fresh ingredients that are free of chemicals, fragrance and other harmful additives.


Fresh fruits are skin-friendly and can be used in a variety of beneficial treatments.

Mash an avocado with a small amount of honey for a hydrating face mask.

Mix lemon juice and rolled oats for an oily skin facial cleanser and rolled oats with yogurt becomes a soothing cleanser for sensitive skin.

Mash a ripe banana with honey for an easy face mask for all skin types.

You can even cleanse your face with juice from fresh strawberries or kiwi.


Vegetables are on the top of the list when it comes to healthy ingredients.

Puree a cucumber in a blender with a few drops of honey and you’ll have a soothing toner for combination skin.

Tomato juice makes a refreshing toner for oily skin.

You can also mix honey and tomato juice for a soothing face mask.

Dairy Products

Dairy products are full of healthy fats that act as natural moisturizers making them great as cleansers.

Mix cream, ground oats and a few drops of green tea for a DIY Face Cleanser.

You can use a combination of oats and yogurt to make a cleanser as well.

A mixture of whole milk and warm honey can be used as a cleanser but you can also add it to a warm bath for full body moisturizing.

Olive Oil

Olive oil is a great multi-purpose item for skincare because it is rich in antioxidants and vitamin E that will keep the skin smooth and supple.

Adding few drops of olive oil to a cotton ball is an excellent makeup remover.

Massage a drop or two of olive oil into the skin around your eyes to help with dark circles and wrinkles.

Massaging Olive Oil into your cuticles will moisturize cuticles and add a natural shine to the nails.
Massage olive oil onto dry, callused feet, or apply to dry chapped lips.

You can also pour some olive oil into a warm bath for an all-over moisturizer.


Sugar actually has excellent moisturizing qualities that make it a useful ingredient in skin-care treatments.

Combine a small amount of olive oil and sugar to make a scrub for dry hands or rough, calloused feet.

A small amount of brown or white sugar stirred into a teaspoon of honey will exfoliate and moisturize dry lips.

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