Ways to Spring Clean Your Life

We are officially into April, and with the weather finally warming up I’m feeling more inspired than ever by the arrival of spring.

This season marks a time to refresh and reflect.

I’m sure for those of you who also live in cold climates, you are feeling ready to shake off the snow and resurface as the days get warmer.

Here are some ways to spring clean your life as easy as possible.

I know I always get overwhelmed once I start my clean up but by I’m not recommending you do these all at once, but by slowly chipping away at your spring cleaning to-do list.

If you slowly work through your list, I can bet it’ll be done in no time.

Tech Detox

When you hear the phrase “tech detox” you probably think I’m going to tell you take some time off your phone to unplug and while that’s good to do often, I’m talking about cleaning up the contents on your phone so that it’s less cluttered and less distracting.

The first great way to do this is to clean up who you are following on Social media like Facebook or Instagram.

Social media is distracting enough as it is , scrolling through dozens of photos from accounts you don’t even know why you started following in the first place.

Go through the list of who you follow, removing accounts whose content you don’t care to see as much of.

The best part is that you will be able to more easily see photos from your friends, family and accounts that really matter when you open the app.

The second great way to clean up your phone is to delete old photos from your camera roll.
I like to send my pictures to my email that way I’m not completely deleting the photo and it is stored somewhere in case I want to print it or somehow display that memory.

Photos take up space on our phones, causing them to eventually run slower.

Cleaning up your camera not only will feel great, but it will also help you to find old memories a lot easier when looking for a specific moment from the past.

File your Emails

Take an afternoon to create a filing system for your email inbox.

You can make it easy by marking all old emails as “read” and filing them in bulk in one folder.

When you have more time you can start then your filing system from that folder so that you can easily find old emails or pictures.

I have a family folder for anything to do with my family like pictures or emails and of course, a cat folder mainly contains pictures of my cats.

The end goal is to have an organized inbox, once an email comes in you can move it to that specific folder for projects, pictures, and things that need to be responded to right away.

Clean the Closets

Now it’s time to spring clean in areas of your house.

I’ve been trying to get in the habit of cleaning out my closets regularly, and spring is always a great time to go through the items you didn’t reach for all winter long and make room for new purchases.

When I clean out my closet instead of pulling out what I am willing to get rid of, I take everything out and only put back the pieces I really love and wear. 

I also pack away seasonal item like scarves, coats and hats during spring and summer and do the same with bathing suits, cover-ups and sundresses during fall and winter.

Here are some questions I ask myself when deciding if I should get rid of that item:
When was the last time I wore this?
Do I like how I feel when I wear this?
Would I buy this today if I were shopping in a store?

If the answers to these questions lead you to say no or not sure, it’s probably time to place it into your give-away pile.

Refresh the Fridge and Pantry

This is one I’m trying to get in the habit of doing regularly - hoarding expired condiments and stale pantry items is a sure way to achieve a messy kitchen.

It’s the easiest decision because of expiration dates.

Toss those bottles of ketchup, BBQ sauce and salad dressing that have been in your refrigerator door for three years or the opened bag of crackers that’s been tucked back on your pantry shelf.

Get rid of the ice cream that has so much freezer burn they look like they’re growing stalagmites.

Nothing will feel better than opening your fridge, freezer or pantry to see fresh items.

Spring Clean your Beauty Routine

It wouldn’t be Beauty under 10 without a beauty/ makeup item.

Take some time to wash or replace your makeup brushes, throw out and replace old makeup palettes, mascaras and lipsticks.

Not only will this help you to keep what you really use on a regular basis, getting rid of product 
clutter, but it will also ensure that you aren’t using makeup that has gathered bacteria and germs.

You can even give those vanity, cases and drawers a deep clean.

What tips do you have for spring cleaning your life?

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