Easy DIY Skincare Hacks

As fortunate as I am getting to try new beauty products often, I also enjoy DIY products as well.

If you’re ever running low on your go-to skincare product, the chances are that there’s a quick alternative you can whip up right at home. 

From face scrubs to lip scrubs to spot treatments, you can create a DIY beauty product in an instant.

Here are five easy DIY skincare hacks that you should try at home.


You only need three ingredients to tackle a sudden pimple or blemish breakout while you sit at home.

Mix ingredients to make a paste.
1/2 Teaspoon Lemon Juice
1/2 Teaspoon Baking Soda
1 Teaspoon Organic Honey

Apply to the blemish and leave on for 20 minutes or overnight. This mixture draws out any impurities from your pores, kills bacteria, but does not dry out your skin.


Exfoliation is important in any skincare routine, as it helps resurface the overall texture of your skin and unclogs your pores.

This scrub is ideal for those who suffer from breakouts and acne because the ingredients in this scrub are highly beneficial to acne-prone skin.

Lemon tightens pores and evens out the skin tone, sugar removes dead skin cells and cleans pores, olive oil heals acne scaring, and honey prevents future breakouts.

1/2 lemon
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil
1 Tablespoon Organic Honey
2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar

Add lemon juice and olive oil in to a bowl stir until they mix together.
Add the honey.
Whisk or stir quickly until the ingredients bind together into a medium-to-thick consistency.
You can add a bit more olive oil and honey depending on how thick you want your scrub to be.
Combine the sugar and mix.
If you feel that there isn’t enough sugar to get the scrubbing done, you can add a bit more but this is based on personal preference.


Nobody likes having dry, chapped lips and it’s so easy to make your lip scrub to get them nice, smooth and kissable.

1 Tablespoon Coconut Oil
1 Tablespoon Organic Honey
2 Tablespoons Brown Sugar

Mix all ingredients together thoroughly and store up to a month in glass jar or tub with lid.
Rub scrub into lips and exfoliate gently. Let it sit for a minute or two, then rinse off with warm water. Apply lip balm to rehydrate lips, use 1-2 times a week.


Makeup remover wipes or astringents can strip the natural oils of your skin and cause skin to become dry and irritated.
Coconut Oil is an excellent makeup remover, add a little Coconut oil to a cotton pad and remove any makeup.
If you find Coconut Oil doesn't seem to sink in to the skin afterwards, you can try this mixture.

– 1/4 cup Witch Hazel (alcohol free preferred)
– 1/4 cup Jojoba oil or olive oil

Mix together well, add to a container.
Shake well before using.
Moisten Cotton pad with the mixture or you could place some of the mixture on clean fingers– then wipe eyes gently.


It’s just as important to exfoliate the rest of your body as it’s essential to exfoliate your face.

Exfoliating once a week will help stimulate circulation and reduce the appearance of cellulite, get rid of dead skin cells, and improve your skin tone.

This combination will leave your entire body feeling both smooth and invigorated.

½ cup dry coffee grounds
½ cup organic brown sugar
2 Tablespoons Coconut Oil
½ teaspoons natural Vanilla Extract
1/4 tsp Sea Salt

Place the coffee and sugar in a medium size bowl.
Add the sea salt, vanilla and mix well.
Add the Coconut oil and stir until well mixed and moistened.
Store in an air-tight container and use as desired for soft skin.

I found this also is especially good on legs for helping with cellulite. It makes skin super soft, the shower smells amazing and scent lingers on your skin for a bit.

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