Best Products for Color Treated Hair

There are many different kinds of shampoos, conditioners and treatments to maintain beautiful hair color. 
Whether you like to experiment with color or like enhance what you already have, colored hair can sometimes be high-maintenance.

Here’s a list of products that can maintain hair color, leaving the hair strong, healthy and shiny.

ion Color Defense Intense Moisture Conditioner 

This conditioner is Vegan, Sulfate, Paraben, Alcohol, Phthalates and Soy Free. It uses non-toxic ingredients that do not damage or remove color from the hair. It protects and hydrates all types of color-treated hair leaving hair shiny, smooth and healthy looking. 

Shimmer Lights Shampoo 

This conditioning shampoo tones down brassiness on blonde or gray hair. It refreshes highlights by maintaining ash-tones and enhances color while helping repair the hair. Although it is mainly for blonde hair, I have used this when I had darker hair and blond highlights, it also worked to keep the orange tones away even on my dark hair. 

ApHogee Damaged Hair Shampoo 

If you have dry damaged hair, this is the shampoo to use. It uses protein rich ingredients to gently cleanse and restore hair by protecting against damage and improving hair strength. It is excellent for hair that has been damaged by coloring, relaxing, bleaching or heat appliances. 

Tresemmé Color Revitalize Shampoo 

This sulfate free deep cleansing shampoo is made with advanced color lock technology and is specifically for color treated hair. It has ingredients that maintain hair color even after 40 washes. Tresemmé is one of the best drugstore shampoos for protecting color treated hair. 

 Argan Oil Shampoo

This sulfate free shampoo is made with all natural ingredients like pure Moroccan Argan oil, Jojoba oil, Avocado oil, Almond oil, Peach Oil, Camellia seed oil and Botanical Keratin. It works well for all hair types and is especially safe for colored hair. It has a very rich foam and leaves hair thick, well nourished, shiny and smelling great. 

Aveda Color Conserve Conditioner 

This plant-based conditioner not only protects color treated hair but helps lock in color and shine. It is an excellent detangler and keeps color vibrant. If you want to keep your hair color looking good, feeling moisturized, feeling less brittle, free from breakage and feeling healthier and stronger, try these products for color treated hair.

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