Ways to Keep Hair from Getting Tangled

Whether your hair is long or short, we all struggle with hair that tangles and dealing with hair tangles is literally such a pain.

We curl and pin our hair for a great hairstyle and a few hours later it is a knotted mess.

Getting the tangles out sometimes is not a quick and easy process.

Here are some haircare steps to hopefully rid you of those pesky tangles.

Use Conditioner

Apply conditioner to the ends of the hair and move up toward the scalp, leave it in for about 5 minutes, rinse and for really tangled hair, repeat focusing on the bottom half of the hair down to the ends.
The ends of the hair will most likely be more damaged and need all the repairing you can give.
Alba Botanica Moisturizing Hair Conditioner is great for oily and limp hair because it gives extra volume and bounce without weighing down your style with sulfates and heavy minerals.
Live Clean Moisturizing Conditioner hydrates, restores and strengthens dry, damaged brittle hair.

Brush Every Morning and Every Night

It really makes a difference to brush your hair in the morning and before you go to bed. I like using a paddle brush to brush my hair, but a wide-tooth comb also works great.
I know it can be difficult to add to your routine but it will help in the long run and also means not having to fight off a bird's nest in the morning.

Avoid Haircare Products with a lot of Chemicals

I'm not saying to not use hair styling products, but knowing which products you use that causes tangles could help prevent future tangles.
Using products with harsh chemicals on a consistent basis could also contribute to damaging your hair. More damage = more tangles.

Use a Good Detangler

Finding a really good detangler that works well for your hair is super important.
They aren't too expensive and finding the perfect one for you is worth it.
Garnier Whole Blends Gentle Detangling Spray is a great inexpensive choice that is small enough to fit in your purse. It's great for a quick-fix when your hair is just not cooperating.
Paul Mitchell Lite Detangler Spray is a gentle lightweight, leave-in spray formula that enhances body and shine.

Keep Hair Dye and Bleaching to a Minimum

I color or highlight my hair often, the more I dye, the drier my hair becomes and tangles become more frequent. I’ve had to cut back coloring from every month to every three months and I will give myself extra conditioning treatments.
Keeping dyes to a minimum and extra conditioning is best to keep your hair less damaged and less tangled.

Hair Mask Once a Week

Hair masks are pretty much awesome! I love them!
You can find inexpensive ones at the drugstore or use some ingredients from your kitchen shelf.
I love using coconut oil for hair masks, but you can make DIY hair care masks using all sorts of different natural products.
It's amazing.
Try reading my blog post on “Easy Ways to Repair Damaged Hair” for some DIY Hair masks as well as some great store bought masks - hopefully you’ll find the perfect one for your hair.

Avoid Heat

We all know that over styling your hair can cause damage to the hair.
That doesn’t mean you need to throw away your curling iron or blow dryer, it just means trying to limit how much heat you subject your hair to.
I try to let my hair air-dry when possible and I try to limit curling or straightening my hair to a few times a week.
Less heat means less damage and that means less tangles.

Use Leave-in Conditioner

Leave-in Conditioner is used to add extra conditioning to your hair and provides hair with much needed moisture and softness.
This product comes in liquid form, thick cream, and sprays. You can apply it to the hair with your fingers like a regular conditioner or you can choose a leave in conditioning spray. A few pumps will leave your hair feeling nourished and silky.

I hope these tips help you conquer those tangles!

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