Katy Kat Gloss Review

These first caught my eye because of the packaging. As you probably already know, I am a sucker for cats and cute packaging and I am not ashamed to admit it.

Covergirl Katy Kat Gloss ($6.99) is probably the cutest lip gloss you’ll run across.
I think cat people will go wild over these as each lip gloss is topped with an adorable cat head top.

This isn’t a new idea, a lot of Korea brands tend to put out packaging like this but it is new to drugstore makeup which does make it unique.

Katy Perry has collaborated with Covergirl a few times already with plenty of playful looks using Covergirl products but until now none of that translated to the actual packaging of the products.
These are available in 12 shades ranging from nude to dark blue and Hot Pink and each shade has a fun, cute name.

The formula is a full-coverage lip gloss that isn’t matte - Thank goodness because I’m over the matte lips.

When opening them I found they are lightly fragranced and smell and taste like vanilla. The scent and flavor didn’t bother me but I wanted to mention it for sensitive users.

I purchased four shades – Catelope, Wine Feline, Candy Cat, and White Catillac.


This is more of a nude color and it has thick, creamy formula. It doesn’t have a high shine finish but more of a sheen finish.
It’s more like a liquid lipstick than a gloss but it can easily be removed by wiping it away.
The staying power is quite good though and if I wasn’t eating, I could get about six hours of wear from it.
I did find the applicator was skipping on my lips during applying the product. At first I thought my lips were just dry but with the next use my lips were fairly smooth and the applicator still skipped a bit.

Wine Feline

This is a deep wine color.
This shade applied easily enough, no skipping, but throughout the day it had a patchy appearance with color clinging to drier areas on my lips.

This formula is also more like a liquid lipstick and has more of a glossy look than the other shades I tried.

Candy Cat

This is a bright pink color.

It applied smoothly and although the color is a little bright for me, once I blotted my lips a bit it was a nice nude pink.

White Catillac

I expected this to be a sheer white gloss with a hint of glitter but it literally is white. 

It has a thick liquid lipstick consistency but I found the applicator also skipped quite a bit.  I personally am not bold enough to wear this on it’s own but I found when wearing it underneath a color it either intensifies the color or helps to fade the color.

I haven’t tried any other shades, only because the other shades are colors I most likely wouldn’t wear and they would end up sitting on the bottom of my makeup case.

Overall I think Covergirl Katy Kat Gloss is worth a try.

I liked that they have a thicker consistency and that they weren’t super glossy.
They weren’t sticky or tacky and that they had great staying power.

Katy Kat Gloss is available now at drugstores or at amazon.com.

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