Hair Care Mistakes We All Make

I recently did a blog post on Skincare Mistakes We All Make and that got me wondering what hair mistakes we are guilty of making.

We all have made hair sins - we may not realize that we were doing it.

Whether it is coloring too often or using too much heat, we have all done something to make a hairstylist cringe.

Hair mistakes often can be the issue when locks are dry, damaged or continuous bad hair days.

Here are a few hair mistakes we make that could help your uncooperative hair behave.

Regular Trims

Over time, hair can become weighed down and that can lead to split, frizzy ends.
Getting regular trims will leave hair with less breakage and flyaways, making it look shiny and healthy.

Using too Much Heat

Some tools have high heat settings but that doesn’t mean you need to go that high.
Each hair type can only handle so much heat, thick healthy hair can handle higher heat settings but fine hair cannot and it will cause damage and split ends.

Lower heat settings will less likely damage your hair by using settings that are too cool or too hot for your hair type.


Using too much Product

Sometimes it can be easy to get carried away with the styling products… Dry Shampoo, Mousse, Sea Salt Spray, Hairspray – you don’t need all of these products every day, all at once.
Find the product you need most for that day without the weighing down your hair, for example, if you want curls apply some mousse or gel and skip the hairspray.

Color Hair too often

Hair dyes contain harsh chemicals that can ruin the hair.
Over treating your hair with chemicals will cause it to lose luster, break easily, and in some extreme cases, hair loss.
Processed hair can usually be revived with hair care treatments but when the damage is really bad the only solution would be to cut the damaged hair off.
Be preventative and try not to color the hair too often and make sure to use conditioning treatments once in a while.

Never Skip Conditioner

Shampoo can be very damaging to hair, so make sure to replenish your hair's natural moisture with conditioner.
Even if you have superfine or oily hair, you should still use conditioner.
Without conditioner hair will become brittle and lifeless.

Keep Touching Hair

Your hands are full of dirt, oils and germs. When your fingers touch your hair too much, they can actually take oils from the hair, leading to dry and easily broken hair strands.
When styling your hair, be careful not to over scrunch hair and touch hair too much as this will cause frizz and breakage.

What hair mistakes are you guilty of?

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