Cake Beauty Product Review

I have been using Cake Beauty Hair and Body powders as well as the Delectable Body Wash for years.

While browsing in my local Shoppers Drug Mart I saw the Cake Beauty brand, the packaging stood out because a lot of the products are pink and say cake and I love anything pink and sweet!

When I saw the products and thought “yes I want to smell like cake” so I grabbed a few to test them out and fell in love with the brand.

I recently purchased a fairly big haul on their website – some products I’ve used before and some new products to try.

Body Powder Bundle

This was the first product I purchased from Cake Beauty and I was instantly in love.
These talc free powders are cornstarch based and can be used on the body, feet, hands and as a dry shampoo.
It has a lightweight formula and uses flower extracts like calendula and chamomile to absorb oils and keep skin soft and fresh.

My Thoughts

This bundle comes in two scents – Strawberry & Cream and Lemon & Cream which equally smell wonderful and the scent has great staying power.

It goes on silky and is small enough to pop in your handbag for touch-ups throughout the day.
I’ve used these powders on everything – my body, deodorize my shoes, as a dry shampoo and on my sheets and pillowcase.
It is a must have for soft skin with a yummy scent.

Delectable Supremely Rich Body Wash

This product can be used as a body wash or a bubble bath.

It is made with coconut oil and aloe vera to soothe, smooth, and hydrate dry skin.

My Thoughts

I purchased this in Strawberry & Cream and it smells amazing!

I like that this foams/ bubbles up nicely and you don’t need a lot of product – 3 pumps filled my bathtub with foamy bubbles.

I have also used this as a shampoo when I ran out of my usual shampoo.
It definitely makes my skin feel soft and nourished.

Radiance Boosting Hair and Body Mist

I love multitasking products, this formula doubles as both a Hair and Body Mist.

The formula is made with Aloe Vera to help keep skin and hair hydrated, and not dry it out.
I chose the Strawberries and Cream scent, so yummy!

My Thoughts

Although I love the scent I found it didn’t stay on my skin very long but it did scent my hair for most of the day.

I can mist myself with the entire bottle and I still get maybe an hour of scent out of it.

Hopefully in the future they will add an oil to the product to help keep the scent longer because it is an amazing scent.

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The Wave Maker

The “Wave Maker” is a sugar infused texturizing beach spray that will give the hair soft waves without drying out the hair or leaving it feeling sticky.

After testing this product out for 2 weeks I have found it didn’t work very well on my naturally wavy hair (although my natural hair is temperamental) but it did work great when I curled my hair with a curling wand.

A few spritzes throughout the hair gives manageable loose waves and added some grit to my hair and it didn’t make my hair feel super stiff or sticky like some texturizing sprays and it didn’t dry out my hair.

My Thoughts

Overall I think it’s a good product at a fair price point for a natural, vegan product.

I did find it gave my hair added volume that lasted throughout the day.

This works great if you want to spray it on wet hair and braid it overnight.

I really liked that this product did not make my hair feel sticky or crunchy as so many others do.

This is a perfect product for traveling or anytime you want effortless waves and volume.

The ‘Do Gooder Volumizing Dry Shampoo Spray

(my new favorite dry shampoo) This Dry Shampoo has a lightweight formula and adds volume to the hair without leaving white residue.

It uses natural and eco-certified corn starches to cleanse the hair and absorb oil to instantly refresh hair without any buildup.

After using this 2 – 3 times a week for a couple of weeks, this spray didn't leave any kind of residue in my hair and I could easily run my hands through it after applying this product.

There also wasn't any visible -- white or otherwise -- residue so it is great for all hair colors.

Although I have blonde hair my dark roots are showing more and I concentrated on using the product specifically on the roots to be sure and no residue!

My Thoughts

It did add volume to my hair and even more importantly, it did leave it looking fresher and cleaner 
than if I hadn't used the spray and I loved the sweet scent – a sweet vanilla scent with a hint of citrus.

Midway through the day my hair was looking a little flat but I would massage the scalp and hair and the volume came back.

I do like the smooth texture used on the container and of course the pink color is a great touch.

The Hair Raiser

This is a volumizing powder with a twist up nozzle for accurate application.
Twist the pink nozzle upward until it clicks into place and you’re ready to go.

The powder is very fine and feels cool to the touch because it uses a dry-to-wet-to-dry formula.
This is from one pump
You can either lift your hair in sections and pump directly into roots or pump the powder into your palms and work through the top parts of your hair using your fingertips.

For both methods, I would use my fingertips to massage and lift roots upward to build volume.

I will warn you, a lot of powder comes out in a pump, the first few times I used this product I applied too much powder to my hair and had major volume, it was ‘80’s worthy volume.

A little product does go a long way and if I used too much I would have a thick residue in my hair.

My Thoughts

I love this powder for second and third-day hair as it is great at absorbing excess oils.

It also adds the perfect amount of grit and volume to my hair.

Unlike other volumizing powders I’ve tried, The Hair Raiser works well with other products like sea salt sprays and serums.

I really love Cake Beauty not only because they are Canadian but they are committed to being cruelty free and vegan and this is something I am happy to recommend.

Cake Beauty products can be purchased at Shoppers Drug Mart or online at

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I hope you liked this review and I hope to try some other cake products in the future.

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