How to Combat Hair Static in the Winter

Living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada I am always dealing with hair static during the winter months.
At first I used to spray my hair brush with Static Guard spray and then brush through my hair but it has a very strong smell, leaving my hair with a strong smell.

Here are a few other methods you can try for combating static electricity in your hair.

Dryer Sheets

You can rub a dryer sheet along the static areas of your hair. This will smell better and should take care of the static at least temporarily.

If you are wearing a toque or beanie you can put the dryer sheet inside the hat to prevent a static mess when you remove it.


Adding hair oil like Jojoba Oil or extra conditioner to your routine can help with static.

Dry hair is more prone to static than hydrated, moisturized hair.

For a temporary fix, you can rub hand lotion all over your hands, you don’t need a lot of lotion - just enough as if you are using it to moisturize your hands, after it has soaked in a little bit, rub your hands through the ends of your hair. The small amount of lotion on your hands should help prevent the static but only temporarily.

Using Proper Tools

Making sure to use the right brushes and combs during the winter season can help with static.

Look for a carbon fiber comb, as opposed to a plastic comb, Carbon Fiber is excellent at preventing static.

When looking for a brush to prevent static, look for one with wider bristles. 

Hopefully these tips will have you set up for a static-free winter.

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