Ornament Nail Design using Nail Decals

I wanted to come up with an easy holiday design and had this great NAIL ART KIT from Nail Polish Canada. It comes with Glitter, decals, foil and chains – everything you need for nail design!!
This kit is only $10 so I had to purchase it.

I used the holographic decals for ornaments. If you don’t have these decals you can definitely use dots as ornaments.

I used a minty green shade as a base color and used a black nail striper for the lines but this can be done using a tooth pick as well.

Here’s what you need:
-         Base Coat
-         Mint Green Nail Polish
-         Black Nail Polish
-         Nail Decals or dotting tool
-         Top Coat

Apply a base coat to help protect the nails.

Apply a base color, you might need two coats to make it nice and opaque.

Using nail striper or toothpick dipped in black polish, apply zig zag lines to the nails.

I like to apply a top coat to ensure there is a smooth nail surface but this is optional.

Apply the decals to the nail by dabbing a small amount of top coat onto the area you want the ornament to be – I would apply 1 or 2 ornaments per line.

Apply a fast drying top coat and you’re done!

I like this design because it is a simple design without going overboard and I love how the holographic decals look different depending on how the light hits them.

It was super easy to do and looks really cute!
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