Reasons You Might Have Oily or Greasy Hair

Whether you have an oily scalp in general, or try to stretch the days between washes for as long as possible, greasy hair can really dampen your style leaving hair limp, lifeless and just feeling gross.

Whatever the occasion may be, you won’t feel confident when your hair feels oily.

Here are some reasons why hair gets greasy, to give you a better understanding of what exact cause may be.

Hair Products

If you use styling products every day, you might want to choose lighter formulas, preferably ones that don't contain oil.

Try using less intense formulas until you have figured out what triggers your scalp's oil production.

Shampooing Too Often

If you wash your hair every day, it could be the reason behind the grease.

Shampooing hair daily can strip your scalp of its natural oils. The scalp then produces more oil, which is why your hair gets greasy quicker.

You might want to try shampooing every second or third day.

Clean your Brush

Somehow we often skip cleaning our brushes…

Hairbrushes gather dust, grease, dirt and remaining chemicals from our styling products.

That buildup could be causing extra oil in your hair. If possible, clean your brush at least once a week.

Exfoliate Your Scalp

The scalp can get clogged up from leftover product like hairspray and dry shampoo, which could be a reason why your scalp keeps collecting grease.

When washing your hair, give yourself a scalp massage once a week to loosen up any excess product. 

You’re on your period

Yep—good ol’Aunt Flo…

Hormonal fluctuations can cause your oil glands to go into overdrive and the scalp may feel greasier than at other times of the month.

This is the same reason that you may have acne breakouts during that time of the month.

A Moisturizing Shampoo can help remove excess oil from the scalp.

Too many Ponytails

Throwing your hair back into a ponytail might be a quick way to style your hair, but it can actually make hair greasier at the roots.

Dirt and oil can get under the ponytail holder and get trapped in between your hair strands because the hair tie acts as a roadblock, if your hair is constantly pulled back, your scalp may not be getting air, causing the oil to sit in the same spot and not spread through the hair strand.

Let your hair down more to combat greasy buildup.

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