The Difference between Dry Shampoo and Dry Conditioner

When it comes to beauty, new products come out all the time. Just when we get the hang of one new product, it's time for the next product.

When introduced to dry conditioner, a lot of people moved on because we had just gotten the dry shampoo routine down not knowing the difference between the products.

Here is everything you need to know about Dry Conditioner and how it is different from Dry Shampoo.

What is it?

Dry conditioner is a lightweight, dry mist that adds shine and helps to revive ends after a few days without washing.
Dry Conditioner is more moisturizing than dry shampoo because dry conditioner contains oils that help hydrate and add texture to dry hair without actually wetting the hair.

It’s the alternative to applying a heavy serum to the hair.

Sometimes dry shampoo can dry out the hair and the dry conditioner will help bring back that moisture similar to the way traditional shampoos and conditioners go together.

How to Apply

Apply dry conditioner by spraying on the mid length and ends.
For added volume, tip your head upside down and mist the dry conditioning spray through the hair concentrating on the ends of the hair.

Adding heat from a blow dryer can also help to add texture and distribute the product.

I love to use dry conditioner to revive a ponytail to add a little texture, shine and volume.

Who should use Dry Conditioner

Dry conditioner is the perfect refresh for the ends, especially for someone who has medium to thick hair, Curly hair, dry ends or extensions.

It’s also great for somebody who likes to wait a couple days before washing and its perfect to extend the life of the hair one more day by pulling the hair back into a ponytail or messy bun.

Basically, Dry shampoo focuses on the scalp and root area to absorb oil and Dry conditioner focuses on the ends to restyle the hair and get rid of flyaways or static.

I’ve been using Cake Beauty Dry Conditioner and you can purchase it HERE!

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