Legendary Apothecary Smooth Feet Product Review

Cold winter weather equals dry feet, at least for me…

Legendary Apothecary is here to the rescue with their Organic Smooth Feet Artisan Foot Care.

About Legendary Apothecary

Legendary Apothecary is a new beauty brand founded in Los Angeles California.

Co-Creators Sara Saidy and Todd Douphner thoughtfully decided when creating its debut product, Smooth Feet, to use ingredients and elements sourced in the United States.

Not only are the products and packaging made in the USA, Smooth Feet is organic, vegan and cruelty-free.

Inspired by a century-old family fable, Smooth Feet is an “Old World” recipe that uses simple ingredients and leaves feet soft, smooth and hydrated.

Read the Fable HERE!

Legendary Apothecary doesn’t do any animal testing or use any animal ingredients. No animal has to suffer for their products!

They also are committed to maximizing recycled content in products and packaging.

They only use Certified Organic ingredients and they donate 10% of profits to human, animal and environmental KINDness.

“KIND to Humans – KIND to Animals – KIND to Mother Earth” what great motto, what more do you want from a company!!

Smooth Feet Artisan Foot Care

Smooth Feet Artisan Foot Care hydrates feet by using natural and organic ingredients like vegetable glycerin, pure lavender oil and sugar cane alcohol into the skin, penetrating deep into the skins surface.

The vegetable glycerin attracts water to help seal in moisture, the sugar cane alcohol helps the glycerin penetrate into the skin also prevents the growth of bacteria and the lavender oil not only smells amazing but has antioxidant properties.

The product is super easy to use - a dropper full on clean, dry feet before bed time.
Make sure you allow it to completely dry before walking or wearing socks. It could get a little slippery or sticky if not dried completely which doesn’t take long to dry at all.

The scent is fragrant but mild, not overpowering and lavender is a relaxing scent making it perfect to use before bed time.
Smooth Feet is easy to work into skin, and it’s thick enough where it doesn’t run or drip, but liquid enough to let you work in those hard, dry areas.

 My feet were very dry, especially on my heels.
Day One
Day Two

Day Three

My feet were feeling hydrated, soft and smelling good in a few days of use!

The product comes in a dark 1.0 Fl oz.bottle with an eye dropper and is $35.00.

Overall, I definitely recommend this product!

I'm excited to see other products Legendary Apothecary comes up with!

To purchase Smooth Feet Artisan Foot Care or find out more about Legendary Apothecary visit their website at http://www.legendaryapothecary.com

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