Best Mascaras for Your Lash Type

Just like the hairs on your head, lashes vary in size, shape, and length and everyone has a specific lash type.

Knowing your lash type can be important in finding your perfect mascara match.

Whether your lashes are straight, curly, fine, or short, here are some tips to find your perfect mascara match.

Straight Lashes

If your lashes are very straight, it can be frustrating to keep a long-lasting curl.

This eyelash type will always need an eyelash curler to get perky lashes and you’ll want to find mascara that will leave your lashes lifted throughout the entire day.

Waterproof mascara works great for those who have lashes that naturally come in contact with their under-eyes.

Curly Lashes

You will want to brush your lashes with a clean wand before you apply mascara.

This quick pre-step will separate the lashes and help the mascara evenly adhere to each hair.

You’re going to want a mascara formula that accentuates all of the goodness you already have.

The mascara will need to have a little bit of everything—lift and volume making you an overall showstopper.


Fine Lashes

Before you reach for the false eyelashes, try a volumizing mascara.

Volumizing formulas are buildable, after applying a coat or two, your lashes will be looking fuller and longer.

Try out these mascaras for an inspiring end result.

Short Lashes

If you have short lashes, you’re going to need a mascara that builds length without weighing down your eyelids.

Hope these tips help you find your perfect mascara match!
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