Pros and Cons of at Home Workouts

When it comes to exercise, some people prefer going for a run, others enjoy going to a gym or have a workout mat in their living room.  
The key is to create a workout routine that is maintainable.
You really want to create something that is fun, fast and effective.
When considering an at home workout it’s important to determine if it’s a match for your exercise style. 


Roll out of bed, and you can be working out within a few minutes.
Sounds easy enough but if it was, everyone would be in excellent shape.
Sometimes when things are too convenient, we lose motivation.
There can also be too many distractions at home - kids, housework, cooking supper etc making it hard to stay motivated to work out on a regular basis.
Other people find it easier to exercise at home instead of going to a gym, they find it easier to do squats or sit ups while dinner is cooking or after the kids go to sleep.
Convenience can be both a pro and a con depending on the person.

No Gym Fees

I’m sure many can relate to buying a membership to a gym, going a few times and losing your motivation. There’s nothing worse than paying for a gym membership that goes unused.
Working out from home eliminates these monthly gym payments.
Thanks to mobile technology, people are turning to fitness apps and online portals for ‘virtual training.’
People are embracing virtual training because it has a nice community feel where people can share their progress in social media groups.


I’m not sure about you but I don’t want anyone seeing me bending, grunting and looking sweaty.
People who are a bit more private about working out prefer to do it at home.

No Machines

Many people avoid the gym because they feel intimidated by the machines and weights.
Some people train at home using basic equipment like resistance bands, exercise balls, jump rope and weights giving amazing results with no equipment at all.  
At home high-intensity interval training (HIIT) can work wonders by getting creative and mixing up different moves and music to keep things efficient, effective and fun.
For those who prefer zoning out on a treadmill, stationary bike or elliptical, these machines can be purchased and added to a home gym if bank account and space allows.

Regardless of whether you choose to keep the gym membership or create an at-home routine, sticking with it is key.
You really need to stay motivated, especially in the beginning when it seems like results are not happening fast enough.
Mindset is everything when it comes to exercise, strive for progress, not perfection.

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