Spring Hair Tips

Long, harsh winter months, can take a toll on your body including your hair, whether the hair has been stuffed under a hood, hat or beanie (Toque in Canada) or if you live in unpredictable weather like I do in Edmonton, Alberta and have April snow storms (winter in April is not fun…), your hair has been exposed to bitter cold temperatures and dry, damaging air.
Here are few tips on how you can get your locks looking fabulous again.

Trim Brittle Ends

Spring means getting a fresh start – and for your hair, that means cutting off those brittle ends.
The ends of the hair usually show the effects from the dry winter air.
Make an appointment with your hair stylist and get rid of them!
Out with the old and in with the new fresh bouncy hair.

Lighten Up

With warmer weather being right around the corner, adding a few highlights to your hair can work wonders for enhancing your features, brightening your face and freshening up your entire look.
A few highlights can really bring your hair back to life and might even give a new found confidence boost.

Change up your Products

When your hair starts to look limp, dull and in need of some attention, often the solution is to change up your hair care products.
If you have been using a moisture-based shampoo or conditioner during the winter, it could be time for you to swap for a lighter product.
Play around with different products to see what products might be best suited for your hair.

Air Dry Hair

Using heat on our hair does more harm than good because it pulls moisture and hydration from the hair quickly causing hair damage.
Cutting back on the heat products and allowing your hair to air dry will help keep damage away and soon you will start to notice some pretty amazing hair changes like your hair will be softer and stronger.
Applying a leave-in conditioner or a hair serum helps to smooth and protect the hair cuticle and stop frizz.

Fight the Frizz

For those with wavy or curly hair, this can be the ultimate annoyance of your hair care routine.
Whether it’s a hot sunny day or a dreary, rainy day, you need to be ready to combat that frizz.
Hair serums are a great way to tackle this problem, you can also look for a spray so that you can spritz and go without worrying about the potential frizz.

Your hair has been put through a lot this winter. It’s time for you to give it some love and attention in order to get hair that looks fresh and fabulous, just in time for the summer.

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