DIY Dollar Tree Spice Rack

I love using spices but when buying a spice rack at the store I rarely use all of the spices that come in the set. The last revolving spice rack broke during our last move a few years ago so I had them in a basket on the kitchen counter which accumulated to three baskets and I started to notice there were only certain spices I would use.

Spices like ginger, nutmeg, pumpkin spice were only used around the holiday season and depending on the meal I was making certain spices were being used at certain times.

I like to stay organized and it was driving me crazy having the counter space being used on items I hardly used.

When browsing the Dollar Tree online I came up with an idea of hanging the most used spices on the wall using small baskets and storing the other spices in the cupboard.

Voila! An easy, cute and off the kitchen counter spice rack!

I got everything I needed at Dollar Tree and it cost about $4. 

All you need is:
-          Small baskets – mine are 10 inches by 2.5 inches
-          Command hooks – any you prefer
-          Small containers

This step is optional as I got hooks larger than the spaces in the basket. I used scissors to cut out one of the flaps where the hook was going to be.

You can then hang them where ever you like, on the back of a door in a cabinet, pantry or on the wall.
I used small baskets so I opted to hang them on the wall.

I took the spices out of the old containers and used clear plastic containers.
I like these clear containers because you can see the spices and they are small enough for storing items like twist ties and bread clips, which I think always come in handy.

You can use a sharpie to write what the spice was on the top of the lid or use a label maker if you have one.

I only made 3 hanging baskets for now and might add a couple more but I LOVE them – they hold all of my favorite spices perfectly and they are out of the way!

Click here to order your items online at the Dollar Tree – no need to even go to the store!

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