Ardell Magnetic Liner and Lashes Review

I used to love wearing false eyelashes but couldn’t deal with the messiness of the eyelash glue.
The last time I wore false lashes was at my wedding and I had them applied by a makeup artist.
To me, they always felt like I had a heavy layer on my eyelids, and I’ve definitely been one to yank them off towards the end of the event losing a few of my own lashes in the removal.

Last year I tried magnetic lashes – the ones where you had two layers (an upper lash layer and a lower lash layer) that each had magnets that would sandwich your natural lashes and clamp together – needless to say it was a complete fail.

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I recently started seeing magnetic lash liner but was skeptical to try them.

I happened to be at a drugstore and saw Ardell had magnetic liner and lashes. Being a fan of the company’s products, I had to try these lashes.

It has a black magnetic gel eyeliner onto which you attach the lash strip.
Each strip has three-to-four tiny magnets on it, and they adhere to the magnetic eyeliner upon contact.
The new generation of magnetic lashes doesn’t require clamping, and they’re incredibly lightweight and easy to apply—I love them.
The false lashes that came in the package are wispy and natural.
I have noticed that the inner corners tend to lift off, which means I need to reapply the magnetic eyeliner to the inner corners and then reattach, but it isn’t a huge pain.

To remove, you peel off the eyelash strip and remove the eyeliner with your regular makeup remover (I use coconut oil)—no need for eyelash glue!
Unlike with traditional falsies or the other magnetic lashes, this won’t put your natural lashes at risk of accidentally being pulled off from the glue or when removing the clamped lashes.
The lashes in the package are a little straight at first, I would slightly bend them to form a curve but be careful not to bend too much as the lashes could break at the magnets.
To use, curl your natural lashes with an eyelash curler, apply 2-3 coats of the magnetic eyeliner to your upper lash line and attach the lashes onto it – super easy!

I do recommend waiting for a minute or so in between each eyeliner coat for the eyeliner to dry, which I know can take some time, but I found this gives the lashes better holding power.
After the magnetic eyelashes have been applied, I gently press each of the magnets onto the liner for better hold and I would go over the magnetic liner with my regular eyeliner to disguise the strip as it would be obvious at times.
They offer the full kits as well as magnetic lashes on their own in a variety of styles, from wispy and natural to full-on glam.
These are perfect for people who want to up their lash game and either, like me, have the hand-eye coordination issues or want to try an alternative faux lash look.

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